MassCUE/M.A.S.S. 2012 Technology Conference

Foxborough, MA
October 24-25, 2012
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Co-sponsored by the Massachusetts Computer Using Educators (MassCUE) and the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents (M.A.S.S.), the goal of “Power Up: Empowering teaching and learning with technology” is to provide educators from across the Commonwealth with exciting ways to enhance learning with technology.

Wednesday, October 24

Chad DorseyFree STEM Resources from the Concord Consortium
(Hands-On Session)

Chad Dorsey


Learn to use hundreds of free activities developed by the Concord Consortium for grades 3-14 that integrate probes and models, including the award-winning Molecular Workbench.

Concord Consortium curricula focus on facilitating “digital inquiry,” allowing students to investigate phenomena and questions that would otherwise be inaccessible or extremely difficult to explore. With rich models and simulations, students can examine the fastest of chemical reactions, manipulate the world of genes and DNA, or compress millennia into seconds to unlock the gradual mysteries of evolution. With probes and sensors connected to real-time graphs, students can easily explore the world around them, transforming abstract concepts such as motion and temperature into compelling, responsive visualizations.

We have embedded models and probes into an extensive collection of research-based digital curricula that take full advantage of computer networking, collaboration, assessment of student performance, and feedback to teachers. Classroom research shows that these materials can help students learn deeply about science, math and engineering concepts that are often beyond the reach of traditional curricula. This collection of innovative curricula provides a compelling vision for the next generation of STEM curricula.

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