European Science Education Research Association (ESERA)

Bologna, Italy
August 26-30, 2019
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ESERA is the most important conference on science education in Europe. The theme for 2019 ESERA is “The beauty and pleasure of understanding: Engaging with contemporary challenges through science education.” The conference includes plenary presentations, symposia, oral presentations, interactive poster sessions, and workshops.

Tuesday, August 27

International Perspectives on Modeling and System Thinking (symposium)

Making Sense of Students’ Static Equilibrium Models

Lynn Stephens, Steve Roderick

9:30 AM, Room G4

When implementing units designed as an onramp to system modeling, we observed teachers responding to some aspects of the models and missing other, larger, structural aspects. However, when encountering a complex model in the classroom, it can be difficult to make sense of the model as a whole. We use a case study approach to investigate features of models from several classroom implementations and to inquire what aspects of instruction may have influenced the model structures. We also ask what the teachers focused on in the units and in their feedback to students, and what they may have missed. We conclude by characterizing pedagogical issues identified during analysis and draw implications for the development of additional teacher supports.

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