EdSurge Fusion 2017

Burlingame, CA
Nov. 1-3, 2017
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This year’s EdSurge Fusion conference in Burlingame, CA, will bring together education leaders around learning, equity, and technology. Come meet America’s foremost education leaders, thinkers, researchers and technologists who are putting personalized learning into practice. Build deeper professional relationships with peers from around the country, crystallize your vision and practice for transforming schools, and leave with a clear action agenda.

Thursday, November 2

William FinzerThe Common Online Data Analysis Platform—Getting more students in more classrooms to do more with data

William Finzer

12:00 – 1:00 PM

CODAP is a free web-based data tool designed as a platform for developers and as an application for students in grades 6–14. Designed with learning in mind, CODAP continues the legacy of the award-winning software packages Fathom and TinkerPlots. It builds on a decades-long legacy of research into interactive environments encouraging exploration, play, and puzzlement. CODAP is about exploring and learning from data from any content area—from math and science to social studies or physical education!

Sherry HsiComputationally-Enhanced Papercrafts for Engineering Education

Sherry Hsi

12:00 – 1:00 PM

Paper Mechatronics is a novel design medium integrating traditional educational papercrafts with mechanical design, electronic engineering, and computational thinking. Paper mechatronics makes possible a craft-oriented approach to engineering and computing education that integrates key concepts from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, control systems, and computer programming, while using paper as the primary material for learner design, exploration, and inquiry.