Geniventure in the Classroom

Teaching Genetics with Dragons

Our newest dragon genetics game, Geniventure, engages students in exploring heredity, genetics, and the protein-to-trait relationship by breeding and studying virtual dragons.

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In Geniventure, students level up as they select alleles to control phenotypes, make predictions from genotypes, use meiosis to create gametes, and study inheritance by breeding baby drakes (the model species for dragons).

Summary of Features

  •    Real-time Dashboard
  •    Intelligent Tutoring System
  •    Runs on iPads and other tablets
  •    Teacher Reports
  •    Runs on Chromebooks
  •    FREE!
Target Grade Level
High School, Middle School
Heredity, Meiosis, Molecular Level, Proteins
Curriculum Length
Up to 2 Weeks
Are you a diehard fan of Geniverse, Genigames, GENIQUEST, GenScope, or BioLogica?

Unfortunately, it is getting more and more difficult to support this antiquated software. While we appreciate your loyalty to the prequels, we recommend Geniventure. It's awesome. We promise! Questions? Get in touch!

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