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High Voltage Learning with SPARKS

The SPARKS (Simulations for Performance Assessments that Report on Knowledge and Skills) software teaches intro electronics with a virtual breadboard, components and test equipment. It monitors, records, and interprets student performance and generates scored reports with visual indicators of success. If a student did something wrong, the computer will point it out; if a critical step was left out, the software will observe and report that too. Helpful tutorials target student weaknesses. Students are given a second (and a third, and...) chance to be the best and brightest in the class.

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Electronics Students

SPARKS is like a virtual teacher looking over your shoulder and giving you tips. Challenge yourself to get a higher score. The bonus? You can play with circuits all day without changing the fuse in your DMM once!

Electronics Teachers

Use SPARKS labs with your students to easily assess which skills the class has mastered and which still need work. Each student's individual performance, every question they answer and measurement they make, is logged and reported back to you.

Coming soon...

Do you want to run SPARKS on your iPad or smart phone? Are you looking for capacitors, inductors, function generators and o'scopes? Sign up and we will let you know when our mobile device and AC activities are ready.

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