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    The Common Online Data Analysis Platform (CODAP) is a free, web-based dynamic data analysis environment to help students become data literate.

  • Energy2D


    Energy2D is free, interactive, visual simulation software that models all three mechanisms of heat transfer—conduction, convection, and radiation.

  • Energy3D


    Free Energy3D software presents an easy-to-use 3D user interface for students to design and analyze model green buildings.

  • Fathom Dynamic Data Software

    Fathom Dynamic Data Software

    Fathom is a low-cost, dynamic and fun tool for effectively teaching and learning data analysis and statistics.

  • Molecular Workbench

    Molecular Workbench

    The Molecular Workbench™ (MW) is a free, open-source tool that creates and delivers visual, interactive simulations for teaching and learning science and engineering.

  • Molecular Workbench

    Next-Generation Molecular Workbench

    Now you can use our award-winning molecular simulations anytime, anywhere with the new HTML5-based version of Molecular Workbench™.

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