Research and Publications

Research & Publications

We've been doing research and development into educational technology since the Web was young. In that time, we've pioneered whole areas of innovative work and uncovered important findings for the field.

Learn more about the main areas that focus our research and development and take a look at the many articles, books and more we've published.

Focus Areas

  • Mobile Computing

    Mobile Computing

    Mobile computers offer great possibilities for education. We've been exploring them since our founding in 1995.


  • Modeling and Simulation

    Modeling & Simulation

    Our research into computer-based modeling paves the way for breakthroughs in science, math and engineering learning.


  • Online Assessment

    Online Assessment

    We're using technology to explore innovative new realms of assessment.


  • Online Learning

    Online Learning

    We helped launch the virtual learning revolution over a decade ago, and we're still part of it today.


  • Probeware


    Our work with probes and sensors provides students powerful new ways of examining the world around them.



  • Newsletters


    Don't miss the latest issue of @Concord, our newsletter about current research and innovation in educational technology.


  • Books

    Published Books

    See or purchase our acclaimed books about technology policy, online learning, assessment, and more.


  • Conference Materials

    Conference Materials

    Seen us – or missed us – at a conference recently? Find materials from our presentations here.


  • Articles

    Articles & Papers

    Read journal articles, white papers, essays and lectures written by Concord Consortium staff.

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