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Satellite Launch Model

Thanks to a new grant from the National Science Foundation, we’re working to overcome a major barrier to effective student inquiry in the classroom. Students often have difficulty finding patterns in a series of experiments performed under varying conditions.

InquirySpace will integrate three proven technologies — the versatile modeling environments of NetLogo and the Molecular Workbench, real-time data collection from probes and sensors, and the powerful visual data exploration capabilities of Fathom and TinkerPlots — into a coherent, Web-based environment enabling rich, collaborative scientific inquiry.

This package of tools should greatly expand the range of theory-based investigations that secondary students can undertake. And by integrating the software into a single environment that runs in a Web browser, we’ll reach more students in diverse schools.

Understanding Sub-Microscopic Interactions

We are delighted to partner with Joe Kracjik at Michigan State University and others at the University of Michigan on a new project funded by the National Science Foundation. We will use Molecular Workbench and other models to support high school students in developing an integrated understanding of the forces and interactions between atoms and molecules. Understanding such interactions is critical for many STEM disciplines (chemical bonding in chemistry; electricity in physics; structure and function of molecules in biology; and mineral transport in earth science — just to name a few).

Our research focuses on tracking how students’ ideas develop along a learning progression. We will explore which types of representations help students connect macroscopic and submicroscopic phenomena to the underlying scientific ideas that explain them.

Grant from Nellie Mae Education Foundation

The Nellie Mae Education Foundation has awarded the Concord Consortium an unrestricted grant for helping us build capacity and share our free, open source learning activities with an even wider audience. Special thanks to Concord Consortium board member Greg Gunn who facilitated this gift.

The Nellie Mae Education Foundation is working to reshape public education across New England to be more equitable and more effective — so every learner graduates from high school prepared for success. With new approaches expanding learning beyond the school calendar and walls, all learners can develop skills and knowledge for life in our changing world.

Software Developers and Cloud Engineer Needed

We’re looking for talented Software Developers to help us create innovative student activities. Join our agile software development team and be part of a creative community of geeks and science, math, and engineering fanatics. We also need a Rails Cloud Engineer to maintain our presence in the cloud. Apply now.

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