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What CC projects are reading.

The following projects share their summer reading lists. Enjoy!

Evolution Readiness
Why Evolution is True by Jerry A. Coyne

Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman

High Adventure Science
Last Oasis: Facing Water Scarcity by Sandra Postel; Water Follies: Groundwater Pumping and the Fate of America’s Fresh Waters by Robert Glennon

Smart Graphs
Human Inference: Strategies and Shortcomings of Social Judgment by Richard Nisbett and Lee Ross; Mrs. Perkins’s Electric Quilt and Other Intriguing Stories of Mathematical Physics by Paul J. Nahin

VISUAL (Visualizing to Integrate Science Understanding for All Learners)
Modeling Theory in Science Education by Ibrahim A. Halloun; Making Learning Whole: How Seven Principles of Teaching Can Transform Education by David Perkins

Engineering Energy Efficiency
Engineering Education: Research and Development in Curriculum and Instruction by John Heywood

LOOPS (Logging Opportunities in Online Programs for Science)
Automated Scoring of Complex Tasks in Computer-Based Testing, (eds.) David M. Williamson, Robert J. Mislevy, and Isaac I. Bejar

Evolution Readiness is evolving

The Evolution Readiness project is adding animals to its model, introducing a food chain and highlighting the importance of competition between species. (

The LOOPS “Classroom in a Box”

The Logging Opportunities in Online Programs in Science project is designing ways for teachers to receive student work in real time in order to adapt their teaching and increase student learning. In a pilot test in a middle school in Arlington, MA, we used a set of computers, including one that acts as a server, plus a local wireless network. While this “Classroom in a Box” is not scalable, the setup enables teachers and students to focus only on teaching and learning, not the technology. (