Building a Dam: How do changes
in the environment affect populations?

In this simulation you will investigate how adaptive traits can become non-adaptive traits if the environmental conditions change. To plan and carry out an investigation, consider the following:

  • Independent variable: Amount of water
  • Dependent variable: Number of different sized-rabbits
  • Inquiry question: How does the amount of water affect the population of different sized rabbits?

To carry out your experiment:

  • Use the grass button to plant.
  • Use the rabbit button to place rabbits on the field.
  • Click the play button and watch what happens.
  • Stop the simulation and build a dam.
  • Click the play button.
  • Observe and record the changes in the number of grass and rabbits with different sizes over time. Click the stop button to stop the simulation at the beginning of each year to collect data.

This simulation is part of the Health in Our Hands collection.