Project Tuva: Free Feynman lectures, nicely augmented

I met the amazing Shafeen Charania in San Diego as well, and in one of our discussions, he told me about a very cool project he was connected to in Microsoft’s Education Products division. Apparently, Bill Gates was so enchanted by Richard Feynman’s Messenger Series of lectures that he acquired the rights so they could be shared broadly. When he asked the Microsoft Research group what to do with them, they promptly created Project Tuva, a nifty annotation and information surround to accompany the videos.

Richard Feynman lecturing on conservation laws
The Messenger Series contains five classic lectures on the laws of nature, and Project Tuva provides interactive transcripts, time-linked commentaries, and the ability to take notes pinned to specific timestamps. The notes even show up on a global timeline for each lecture, and can be exported as a separate commentary.

This is a very interesting way to re-experience these lectures, or to view for the first time. Either way, it’s one of the best ways to see a true genius explaining some of the most important ideas in science.

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