Xudong Huang

Postdoctoral Researcher

Xudong HuangXudong Huang

Xudong Huang is a postdoctoral researcher with a focus on learning of engineering and science using computer-aided design tools such as Energy3D. She completed her doctoral training in Cognitive Science/Experimental Psychology at the Institute for Intelligent Systems at the University of Memphis. She has five years of experience evaluating the efficacy of intelligent systems on students’ learning of STEM majors in real-world scenarios. She also has experience applying data mining methodologies to fine-grained data of learning steps in order to identify typical behaviors. Her dissertation classified seven typical help-seeking behaviors students make while learning with intelligent tutoring systems using worked examples, and examined the relationships between behaviors and performance.

Concord, MA

Q&A with Xudong

Do you have an unusual hobby or interest?
Reading Chinese Kung Fu and fantasy web fiction
What’s your dream pet?
Doraemon, not as a pet but a friend coming from the future
Favorite book?
Little Women