Tom Farmer

Curriculum Developer

Tom FarmerTom Farmer
Tom is working on the InSPECT and InquirySpace projects as a curriculum designer and developer. Tom started his career as a field biologist, studying prairie dogs in Colorado and forests in Washington state, then moved into education, teaching middle school technology and mathematics. Before coming to the Concord Consortium, Tom spent more than a decade at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute translating marine science into physical and virtual platforms for middle school learners, part of his ongoing quest to use technology to help students uncover the true nature of science. Tom earned a B.A. in Engineering, Biology, and Environmental Studies and a Master’s in teaching from Tufts University. When not wrangling Raspberry Pi’s or shuttling his children about, Tom can be found playing ultimate frisbee, rock climbing, or working out in his local dojo.
(207) 310-1814
Concord, MA

Q&A with Tom

Favorite ice cream flavor?
Triple Chocolate Ecstacy at The Mosquito in North Raymond, Maine
What was your childhood stuffed animal?
Giant ladybug, black cat (with green eyes) and lost bear
Favorite book?
Juvenile fiction… currently – The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate