Saeid Nourian

Senior Research Scientist

Saeid NourianSaeid Nourian

Saeid is a senior research scientist specializing in 3D Graphics and Virtual Reality. He is involved in the design and development of a 3D heat simulation that visualizes the heat flow and loss in a fully customizable virtual house. Saeid has a Ph.D. and Master’s in Computer Science and bachelor’s in Software Engineering.

Before joining the Concord Consortium, Saeid was the founder of a startup in which he was the author of several commercial software for computation and visualization of math problems. His most popular desktop apps include Graphing Calculator 3D and Smart Math Calculator with over half a million downloads worldwide.

(978) 405-3224
Concord, MA

Q&A with Saeid

What’s your dream vacation?
Norway, the happiest country in the world
Favorite movie?
The Matrix
Favorite book?
Dying To Be Me