Lynn Stephens

Research Scientist

Lynn StephensLynn Stephens

Lynn Stephens is currently Co-PI on the Multilevel Computational Modeling project. She has been involved with InquirySpace and other projects at the Concord Consortium since 2012. Her interest is in design-based research with data analysis tools, modeling tools, and science simulations in general, using cycles of classroom deployment to refine these innovations in the crucible of the real world. She uses mixed methods research to investigate what supports students and teachers need in order to engage with these tools in a way that empowers students and allows scientific practices to emerge organically in the classroom. She has an undergraduate degree in physics and an interdisciplinary Master’s in Liberal Studies from SUNY Empire State College and an Ed.D. concentrating in Mathematics, Science, and Learning Technologies from the University of Massachusetts. Before working at the Concord Consortium she acted as project manager for a series of grants at UMass, all focusing on science and mathematics education research. She has also tutored adult undergraduates in multiple areas of science and math.

Concord, MA

Q&A with Lynn

What’s your dream vacation?
Camping on the Parkway in North Carolina
What was your childhood stuffed animal?
A large Steiff bear
Favorite song or piece of music?
Pachelbel Canon. Anything orchestral by Beethoven. Anything by Scott Joplin or Coltrane.