Lisa Buoncuore

Grants and Contracts Manager

Lisa BuoncuoreLisa Buoncuore
Lisa is the Grants and Contracts Manager, a position that requires her to facilitate both the pre- and post-award process. She organizes the proposal submission process, from creating the initial budget to “pushing the button” on the final submission. When a proposal is funded, she negotiates contracts with subaward partners and consultants. Lisa also serves as the Clerk for the Board of Trustees. She likes to read, travel, and do community service work. Her cat is a Twitter celebrity.
(978) 405-3204
Concord, MA

Q&A with Lisa

Do you have an unusual hobby or interest?
I like to study languages, especially in preparation for service trips abroad. I learn enough to make myself understood and then spend a lot of time on the ground acquiring more vocabulary.
What’s your dream pet?
I have my dream pet: A rescue kitty from a local shelter! She’s a Maine Coon mix who purrs 24/7.
Favorite book?
Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer