Hee-Sun Lee

Hee-sun LeeHee-sun Lee

Senior Research Scientist

At the Concord Consortium, Hee-Sun Lee is currently Co-PI on two NSF-funded projects, High-Adventure Science: Earth Systems and Sustainability and Investigating How to Enhance Scientific Argumentation through Automated Feedback in the Context of Two High School Earth Science Curriculum Units. She also works on the NSF-funded InquirySpace project. Her main research areas include technology-enhanced, inquiry-based science curriculum design and evaluation, construct modeling, instrument design, science assessment validation and learning analytics.

She earned her Ph.D. in science education from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, under the direction of Dr. Nancy Songer and was a postdoctoral scholar in Dr. Marcia Linn's Technology Enhanced Learning in Science (TELS) Center at the University of California, Berkeley. She was an assistant professor of science education at Tufts University and an adjunct associate professor of physics at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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Location: Emeryville, CA

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