Guanhua Chen

Postdoctoral Researcher

Guanhua ChenGuanhua Chen

Guanhua Chen is a postdoctoral researcher, working on science and engineering education research with platforms like Energy3D, Unity3D, Android Studio, and more. As a former teacher and an amateur programmer, he is interested in demystifying a student’s learning process in light of big data collected on the fly by advanced computer systems. (Python is his favorite programming language.) He earned his doctorate in STEM education from the University of Miami and his dissertation topic is closely related to identifying computational thinking patterns using machine learning techniques among 5th graders in a robotics programming course. Guanhua likes learning science and solving math problems. He is also an enthusiastic jogger and hiker and enjoys cooking.

Concord, MA

Q&A with Guanhua

Best adventure you’ve ever had?
Hiking down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back in one sunny day in June. I suggest you don’t do that!
Favorite book?
The Three-Body Problem
Favorite song or piece of music?
Avicii – The Nights