Amy Pallant

Amy PallantAmy Pallant

Senior Research Scientist

Amy Pallant is currently Principal Investigator on the NSF-funded project High-Adventure Science: Earth Systems and Sustainability (HAS:ESS), an extension to the well-received original High-Adventure Science project. HAS:ESS brings cutting edge science into the middle and high-school classrooms, with a focus on Earth's systems and using resources in a sustainable manner. In addition to promoting student's' understanding of Earth's complex systems, she is co-PI on another NSF project that builds on the HAS:ESS work, supporting students’ scientific argumentation practices through real-time automated scoring, diagnostics and feedback. She is also co-PI for the INSPIRE Track 1: Transforming Remotely-conducted Research through Ethnography, Education and Rapidly Evolving Technologies project. She has been project manager and researcher on several Molecular Workbench projects. She has been developing curricula and contributing to research studies at the Concord Consortium for fifteen years.

Previously she developed curricula and managed projects at Turnstone Publishing Company, where she worked with scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and Smithsonian Institution to produce elementary and middle school curricula about their work. She developed curricula at Education Development Center, Inc. for Insights in Biology: A High School Curriculum and for the Improving Urban Middle School project. Amy has a Master's in Science Education from Harvard University and a bachelor's degree in Geology from Oberlin College.

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Contact Information
(978) 405-3227

Location: Concord, MA

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