New Fantasy Adventure Book by Concord Consortium Board Member

Lost in Lexicon: An Adventure in Words and Numbers is a fantasy adventure for students in grades 5-8, written by Concord Consortium board member, physician, and education reformer Pendred Noyce. In this first book in the Adventures in Lexicon series, cousins Ivan and Daphne travel through a magical land of words and numbers in search of the lost children of Lexicon, who have been lured away by mysterious lights in the sky.

The pair meet such characters as the Mistress of Metaphor, Emily the talking thesaurus, and the Mathemysticals of Irrationality as they solve puzzles involving poetic meter, parts of speech, the number system, pi, and much more. A tool for interdisciplinary learning of middle school content, Lost in Lexicon also provides a light-hearted, page-turning adventure. You can see a trailer for the book here:

Teachers and students can get a taste of the land of Lexicon at Here you can meet the characters, read the first three chapters, and follow Ivan and Daphne on their blogs. Students can also explore related games and challenging puzzles expanding on concepts introduced in the book.