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How can technology best help students learn?

You’re interested in discovering the latest about how technology best supports learning. We are too — it's what we do every day.

We've conducted research on the use of technology for learning in science, math and engineering for over fifteen years. And we've pioneered investigation into many of its areas. Learn how our research and results may inform your work, and find out how you can become involved.

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Learn about our research areas and publications

We research and publish about the use of many facets of technology including

  • The use of models and simulations to support learning
  • Learning involving probes and sensors
  • Online learning models and implementation
  • Possibilities of online assessment
  • Applications of mobile computing

Learn more today about our work in these areas and see our extensive list of journal and book publications.

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Looking for an interesting project? Got a great idea for supporting learning with technology? Let us know. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve education. And we love to work with great research collaborators. So what are you waiting for? Drop us a line.

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