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Easy ways you can help your child learn science and math

You want to help your child to learn more math and science. So do we. Our mission for over fifteen years has been to find new ways technology can help children learn science and math with software that’s free for you and the world to use. We work to make it easy for your child to be excited about learning, do better in school, and explore new ideas.

So how can you help your child learn? Try one of these easy ways:

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Give permission for participation in a CC project

You may have received a permission slip from your child’s teacher. If so, sign and return it today. This is the easiest way of all to help your child! The software your child is using represents the culmination of years of research into the best ways students learn science, and the project your child is a part of will provide important results to help both your child and many others in the future.

Find your child’s project to learn more

Find free software activities for your child to use

Find a free resource from our STEM Resource Finder today to help your child learn. You’ll find software to help your child learn just about any science topic under the sun, from third-grade explorations into how sound works to interactive high-school software about quantum mechanics. All of it is free, easy to use and relies on only the best research into teaching and learning.

Find free software to help your child learn

Tell your child’s teacher about CC software

If you find something you like, or just like the idea of having your child learn science, let your child’s teacher know more about our software. Teachers love using our free software, but they may not know about it – this is an easy way to help both your child and others learn science in an interactive way. Our software is supported by the National Science Foundation and developed according to our non-profit mission to help improve how educational technology is used, so you and your child’s teacher can trust that it’s well tested and educationally sound.

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