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Translation of Functions ActivityJessica Ulcickas, the math department chair at Mount Alvernia High School in Newton, Massachusetts, is the winner in the mathematics category of our SmartGraphs contest. Jessica took the initiative to design her own SmartGraphs activity, learn to use the authoring system, and create the new web-based activity (which runs directly in a browser, without any downloads or installations). Jessica's creativity lead her to use some new approaches, including showing two graph panes on a page, one above the other.

It is not necessary to be a computer programmer to use the authoring system. All that is needed is to fill in online forms. Then the authoring system creates the web-based activity, which can be shared with others by providing them with a URL.

The activity Jessica created, as well as a Lesson Plan and Student Assessment, can be found on our project's curriculum page, as well as here:

>Translations of Functions!
In this activity students find out what happens to the graph of a function when a constant is added to it, or subtracted from it.
» Lesson Plan and Student Assessment documents are also available.


About SmartGraphs

The Concord Consortium developed the SmartGraphs* authoring system to allow teachers or others to create new SmartGraphs activities. SmartGraphs is free, open source software that runs in a Web browser**. Activities developed with the authoring system and posted on the Concord Consortium's website are freely available for anyone to use and share under a Creative Commons license. Learn more at the project web page.

Contest Rules

You can submit no more than two activities to the contest. Anyone except current and former employees of the Concord Consortium is eligible to participate.

Eligible entries must be submitted via the form on this page by Friday March 15, 2013. New activities must be in one of two formats: as an activity created in the authoring system, or, for those who do not want to use the authoring system, as a detailed description provided using this Word template. If you choose to use the authoring system to create an activity, you will want to use our online authoring manual. If you use the authoring system to create a new activity, include the URL for the activity in your entry, using the form on this page.

We strongly encourage entrants to limit activities they submit to eight pages. Longer activities will be difficult for teachers and students to complete in a single class period. This sample activity storyboard may be useful as you develop your new activity.

Acceptable web browsers include Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer 8 or later.

Funding for SmartGraphs has been provided by Grant No. DRL-0918522 to the Concord Consortium by the National Science Foundation. However, any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the National Science Foundation.

I agree that (1) I have the legal right to use any images included in the activity as well as text that is part of the activity; (2) this activity may be freely shared with others for non-commercial use, at no charge, under a Creative Commons share-alike license. (Note that authors are named in the credits for each activity unless they choose not to be. However, authors entering the contest agree that anyone may use their activity freely for non-commercial purposes.)

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