Cynthia McIntyre

Cynthia McintyreCynthia Mcintyre

Director of Communications and Online Learning

Cynthia McIntyre is Director of Communications and Online Learning. She facilitates Designing and Teaching Online Courses, which models the best practices for online learning and teaching, while preparing participants to design and teach their own online courses successfully. She co-authored (with Alese Smith and Bonnie Elbaum) a short book, Essential Elements: Prepare, Design, and Teach Your Online Course (Atwood Publishing, 2002). She is also the managing editor of the biannual newsletter publication, @Concord. Cynthia holds a B.A. in Religion and Biochemistry from Bowdoin College and a master's degree from Harvard Divinity School.

Contact Information
(978) 405-3230

Location: Concord, MA

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