Our Collaborators

We've collaborated with some of the best schools and educational organizations in the world. Below is just a small sampling of institutions we've worked with in our mission to realize the promise of educational technology.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Tufts University Berkeley University of California
University of Toronto Boston College Harvard Graduate School of Education
University of Pittsburgh Brown University University of Michigan
Pennsylvania Department of Education RIDE New York Hall of Science
University of Illinois at Chicago TERC SRI International
Encyclopedia of Life The Jackson Laboratory Rhode Island College
CORD Parkland Scholastic
TCC Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance High Tech High
East Bay Educational Collaborative BSCS Exploratorium
FableVision Noyce Foundation The VHS Collaborative
CK-12 Foundation edX Power My Learning
Bowling Green State University

Funding Agencies

These organizations support the Concord Consortium's mission and have directly assisted in the success of our projects. Their generosity has enabled us to overcome barriers, provide services, and create projects that thrive because of their involvement. They have our gratitude and thanks.

National Science Foundation Department of Education Google
Wireless Generation USAID Pearson
PBS Teacherline PASCO Russian National Training Foundation
Nellie Mae MIT Museum Louisiana Virtual School
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Texas Instruments Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation

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